26 years old programmer.
Living in Žilina.

About me

On the internet I appear under the pseudonym fodsqa but my name is Michal. I focus on web and web applications development, where I most often use PHP and React.

I am 26 years old, I come from a small village Rudnianska Lehota which is in the district of Prievidza. Currently, I have been living in Žilina for four years, where I work as a web developer at EZMID.


I like various web technologies but I have most enjoyed using PHP framework Laravel for backend development and NextJs for frontend development which is built on React.

Of course, I also master HTML5, CSS3, SQL, JavaScript and JQuery.

I also like managing and configuring servers running on the Linux operating system.

I have various knowledge in tools (Git, Npm, Composer, Docker, Grunt), pre-processor (SASS/SCSS, LESS), CSS libraries (Bootstrap, Tailwind), frameworks (Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgnitier) and others like NodeJs, Bash, Shell, Socket.


In my free time, I program microcontrollers (ESP8266, ESP32) with which I explore IoT technologies.

Besides that, I also make videos on YouTube channel fodsqa where I mostly share either these IoT projects or Airsoft gameplays.

And not to forget, I love playing games on PC.

Language skills

Slovak language - (Native language)

Czech language - (C1)

English language - (B2)

Swedish language - (A1)


I have worked on the following projects in the past or I am still actively working on them, or maintaining them.


Web development

Template creation

Application development


Webhosting settings

Server configuration



Web and application management